help in the home

ACasa Care - Quality Care at Home


We want to help people stay at home but also make sure they have a range of social contacts to keep them in touch with the world outside. ACasa Care offers a wide range of services that can provide assistance in a variety of ways. We aim to meet the needs of the people we work for and will spend time at the first visit to ensure that we are clear about what these needs are. As needs change so will the work the staff carry out. Our staff are there to help.

Assistance can be arranged in a number of ways - help for one-off situations, or for regular daily or weekly visits during the day or evening. ACasa Care can also provide 24hour care in the short or long term. Care can be provided within the home but we can also offer support to get out and about or to exercise pets. We offer a one stop shop to provide the help that people need. The services provided are wide ranging and we always endeavour to meet individual needs. We want to be as responsive as possible so if you have a particular request then please ask.

The services we provide fall within the following broad categories:

Personal Care

Illness and disability can make it difficult for people to manage certain aspects of their personal care and this may only be on a temporary basis. Sometimes people may need a bit of extra assistance in the morning to get out of bed and to wash and dress.

Alternatively people might need help in getting ready for bed and making sure the house is secured for the night. Support might also be needed with showering or bathing, going to the toilet, making meals and clearing up or people may need prompted to take their medication.

Our trained, competent staff deliver these personal care services in a way which accommodates individual preference. ACasa Care recognises that individuals have personal preferences over when they get up, go to bed, or have their meals and we will provide assistance at the times which suit you.

Community Support

We recognise it is important to have personal care needs met but that it is also important for people to maintain their contacts with the outside world and be able to visit friends and family if they so wish. Sometimes it may be a temporary or permanent break from driving which causes difficulties or it may be physical or other difficulties in actually getting out and taking part in life outwith the home. We can provide transport to appointments or to leisure activities. We can collect prescriptions and shopping. Maybe the dog needs to be taken out on a regular basis or taken to the vet, our staff can help. Maybe it is simply having someone come in for a time to provide companionship.

Domestic Help

ACasa Care can help people to return home or to continue to stay comfortably at home by providing a range of domestic help services. These can include general housework, cleaning, laundry as well as help preparing and serving meals. These services can be offered on an ongoing and regular basis or can be arranged as a one off. For example a spring clean or a clean up before someone returns home from hospital or care. We can provide this domestic help as a stand alone service or part of a package of support which might include some personal care and some community support.

Advice and Guidance

There can be other areas which people need help with after a stay in hospital or to help them stay at home. We can provide advice on welfare benefits which might be available or the financial packages of support provided by your local authority. Sometimes people need information on where to get help and then assistance in filling in the forms. Financial help might be available and we may be able to suggest others who could provide you with such advice.